Preview: Avanti Bidikar ‘Archetype’

Avanti Bidikar excites me. Like a history and futuristic lesson mashed into one, we’re given a talk on the archetype of what makes us, the look of a ‘man of the now’, followed by the suggestion of a time to come. We become ‘the ghosts’, where materials fizzle into extinction, and identity is in jeopardy. The designer lays down the law below for me.

The Archetypes

According to Carl Jung, an archetypal symbol is the representation of the human unconscious and defines nature in its basest form, and this representation takes form through imagery or physical objects, such as garments.

The Ghosts

The concept of a ‘ghost garment’ was formed through a questioning of the future of mankind. The collection is asking what will become of these classic staple men’s garments in the future after we run out of resources such as cotton. The ghosts were developed to be a  physical representation of the doubt and uncertainty that mankind feel on both a personal and external level, but represented physically in the form of garments.

So what are we to do in this blurry sci-fi bubble where cotton is creeping away and leaving us all casper the ghost…the reinvention of course!

The Reinventions

This section of the collection represents an essentially reinvented adaptation of the archetypes, developed in accordance with silhouettes formed by the Ghost garments. It combines all that has come before into one futuristic possibility.


An exciting aspect of the collection is that all of the prints on the garments are in 3D so that they can be viewed with red/cyan glasses – leading to the illusion that the original garment is still there.

A lookbook that blurs the boundaries between structure and freedom, the clothes have a world of their own, misting, reflecting, tripping, but having strength under the surface.

Enough of this history lesson though, witness the fitness below!