Preview: Hemingway for Hush Puppies Unisex Collection

Valentine’s Day; that time of year where couples need to re-asses their relationship when they buy a Sainsbury’s ‘loved up meal for two’, a host of unfortunate girls are taken to see Die Hard at the cinema, and me…well, I’ll probably be in a club in Dalston forgetting what day of the week it is! Oh, Valentine’s Day – how adorable a day you are to us all.

Though I can’t help but drop this cynical sarcasm in the bin when I see Hush Puppies unisex ‘His and Her’ collection of contrasting and complimentary suede tone shoes.

TWIGGY_GREEN PINK SDE_H506274 copyThe Vincent and Twiggy tassel loafer is a total loveheart charm, in dusty marshmallow and candyfloss colours, giving you a throwback feeling to those whimsical dates in vintage films by a carousel. Or the dodgems, if you’re like me.

The Vincent combines classic tassel loafer details; stitched panel, raised vamp with a wide  strap, with a contemporary  contrast fringed detailing.

Perfect for a cute suggestion this valentines day and beyond, without being an in your face Kylie and Jason Donovon (or Denise Van Outen and Johnny Vaughan) parade.

Oh, and one final thing – I LOVE YOU ALL!

RONNIE_GRN YELLOW PNK SDE_H506265 copy TEDDY_Green Red  Blue Multi Suede_H103459 copy VINCENT_Brown  Green Multi Suede_H103446 copy