Preview: Zyna Hel

Myth and mystery are at the heart of every good band and musician. Nick Cave and David Bowie for example, as James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem said of the latter: “He was from Mars. In my mind, he was from outer space. He’s not a person, this isn’t a person who would wake up and his foot would hurt because he’s kicked a couch the night before. What I liked about these guys is that they were unattainable.”

Too much promo can kill such ethos. Enter Zyna Hel. Now, I’m not sacrilegiously suggesting she’s line to Cave and Bowie’s mythical throne, but much like Bowie, Zyna Hel is an unattainable martian. Zyna’s website consists of three SoundCloud tracks and her ‘About’ section simply states ‘coming soon’; either it genuinely is coming soon and all of the above is complete nonsense or simply leaving ‘coming soon’ is a stroke of mythical genius.

The tracks, Winterfuck, David’s Song and Scissors provide melancholy electro-pop and vocals echoing Kate Bush’s morose yet inducing nature. Zyna’s music connects  ?  especially Scissors  ?  and though it may take you to darker moments and memories, it demonstrates the subtle power her music carries. The talented songstress is also an artist, though ‘artwork’ is also ‘coming soon’. I’m slowly beginning to feel Zyna Hel is a creature of myth and legend, possibly from the back of my brain somewhere… unicorns and Tyler Durden et al. So what you’re reading could essentially be the scribblings of a mad man.

So comrade, whilst this minimalist temptress keeps us at bay, visit to feed your appetite and keep clicking refresh until ‘coming soon’ comes.

Words: Simon Herriott