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Review: We Three And The Death Rattle

Friday 01 February 2013

The new and upcoming band from Leicester We Three and the Death Rattle are being heralded by some as a breath of fresh air in what is a seemingly stagnant genre. In their latest track “Inpatients” we see a new take on an old sound; the female vocals are reminiscent of the pretenders “Jealous Dogs”, except with a more neo punk overlay. But are they really the revival some believe it to be?

 To say Inpatients’ sound is fairly uniform is a bit of an understatement – there is little here to distinguish it from their other tracks. The chorus becomes fairly repetitive with vocals that lack depth, and almost no variation in pitch makes it is hard for the listener to be truly engrossed in what they are hearing as well as keeping your attention fixated. Although I wouldn’t go as far to say it was a car crash of a release it almost certainly lacks originality and for me is not the fresh of air that the genre of post punk/grunge needed; although needless to say they may very well have a few tricks up their sleeve before letting it die once and for all.

 Words: Jake Al-Hilali