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Video: Teen Girl Scientist Monthly ‘Summer Skin’

Tuesday 26 February 2013

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Today marks the day when Brooklyn-born band Teen Girl Scientist Monthly (TGSM) release their new album “Modern Dances.” For the past year, TGSM has barely spent a day apart in the studio. With the upcoming release of their album, the band has been tediously altering, editing and touching up their album – and it’s safe to say it’s wicked!

TGSM has been playing numerous shows in their hometown of New York, and they are wild! Their sense of ambiance and affection create a mold that joins pop, old-school rock and electric genres as one; their sounds are truly impetuous and really “spur of the moment.”

The band consists exclusively of NYU grads (kudos to them): Matt Gliva (bass guitar), Morgan Lynch (lead vocals), Pete Scalzitti and Melissa Lusk (keyboards), Matt Berger (lead guitar and vocals) and finally Hiroyuki Matsuura (drums).

Their new track “Summer Skin” reminds me of perfect cruise music while you’re driving round the streets of Hollywood with your friends. The video is hilarious and features the fantastic five: the consistent and electric feel really creates a careless and “live young, wild and free” mentally. Their infectious and addictive beats and rhythms really do stand apart and create a sense of reckless perfection.

The band will be touring the Northeast this spring, so come out and support these witty guys and enjoy the glory days!

PS: Still unsure, confused and frazzled with the band’s name – but it doesn’t matter because their music out rules all and keeps your spirits high!

Don’t forget to check out their music video featuring the fantastic five below.

Words: Nicole Gabourie