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Interview: Dido

Friday 01 March 2013

It’s been well over a decade since Dido came to the forefront of everyone’s attention when she collaborated and borrowed her soothing vocals to rapper Eminem on their number 1 hit ‘Stan’. 

Since then she’s gone onto global success with albums ‘No Angel’ and ‘Life For Rent’. After taking a brief hiatus to embrace motherhood and spend time with her namesake son ‘Stanley’, Dido returns with a brand new single ‘No Freedom’, a fresh collaboration with new-kid rapper Kendrick Lamar and brand new album, which gets released next week.

Welcome back! What have you been up too since your last record ‘Safe Trip Home’?

I’ve been making another one! There’s been a lot of time since my last record and I’ve been enjoying life, getting married and having my son, Stanley.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else! I’ve also been doing a lot of eating and drinking during the time as well.

Was it a conscious decision to take time out to make the album? Did you want to completely detach yourself?

No, it wasn’t a conscious decision – I’m not really quite sure where the time went to be honest. I have just been enjoying being me and having a family. It’s nice to have some life to write about, and have some more adventures. I’m always making music behind the scenes, I just take my time with it.

What has been the main inspiration behind the record? What have you been writing about?

There are so many things that influence my music, so many different things that happen over such a long period of time that play a part. I feel like this record has an aura of optimism about it.

Who have you been collaborating with on the album?

There are so many great people that I got to work with on this record – Brian Eno, Jeff Bhaskrer – who I’m a real fan of – and I did a track with Peanut who did all the beats on White Flag. I’ve also done a track with Rizzle Kicks which isn’t on the album, which was really good fun.

How will it differ from its predecessors?

It’s just it’s own mood, it is it’s own collection of songs. It’s different than the last as it’s much more electro.

This record reminds me more of ‘No Angel’ with its diversity.

Any particular songs on the record that you’re particularly proud of?

Well I had to pick from about 30 tracks so I really am proud of all of them!

I would say ‘No Freedom’, ‘Girl Who Got Away’, ‘End of Night’ and ‘Let’s Run Away’ which is on the deluxe.

A lot has changed in the music industry since your debut was released. Were you at all worried about approaching a ‘comeback’?

No I wasn’t worried. Just excited to release more music and hear everyone reactions.

You’ve collaborated with Eminem and recently with Kendrick Lamar: do you have an affinity for rappers?

It’s where I began! I started off by doing the hooks for Maxi and for me it feels like the most natural use of my voice in the world. I really enjoyed Kendrick’s record so am very pleased we got to work together.



Words: Shane Hawkins