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Interview: Millennium

Monday 25 March 2013

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How were Millennium formed?

We’ve been friends for a long time. At some point Norman asked me to remix his single on City Slang. Shortly after that we had an idea to try to go to studio together and we found out it was working very smoothly. Soon we had almost an album full of tracks and Millennium was formed.

You’re an enigmatic duo. Is the corporate front a bit of a camouflage?

It’s mainly a comment on the ever-growing professionalism in music and also the tabu of being commercial. We believe that the times of an anti-image are over so we’re going with the look and feel of the establishment.

Was music always your initial passion or did you both have other career aspirations?

Yeah we’re both working on nonmusical projects. Also Millennium is more than just a music project, all the visuals concerning Millennium we’re done by ourselves.

Whose idea was it to facade your music with this corporate design?


Do you worry that sometimes an artist’s image can overshadow their talent?

No, not really. In our case we’re trying to enhance or even contrast the music through the image.

You’ve recently signed to Greco-Roman. What is it that you like about the label?

The presented an convincing outlook and strategic plan for business year 2013.

If you had to describe the sounds that you make, where would it sit?

We’re trying to make forward thinking electronic pop music. We don’t have too much respect for strict barriers between genres or distinction between what’s “pop” or not.

What are your biggest inspirations when you’re creating your overall sound?

We work very software based, we rarely use “real instruments” and we give space for randomness and error in our compositions.

What emerging talent are you championing/listening too, at the minute?

There’s a lot of great stuff around at the moment. The last thing we went to see together was the play Dean Blunt did at the CTM festival inĀ Berlin.

You can find Millennium on iTunes