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Issue 6: Bravestation Interview

Monday 18 March 2013

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Toronto four-piece Bravestation have been getting rave reviews since the release of their crowdsource funded debut LP Giants and Dreamers earlier this year. Their ‘quirky tribal pop’ sound is truly unique; but what exactly is it? I caught up with Bravestation’s Derek Wilson to find out more.

Your sound is very unique: tell us about your musical influences and how your sound developed.

Thank you. We’re inspired by so many different bands and eras. Modern acts that have influenced our sound include Wild Beasts, Yeasayer, The Killers and Foals. However, you can trace some of our ethos back to bands like Joy Division, Interpol, The Doors and Roxy Music.

This band has constantly evolved. We began playing New Wave/Post-Punk with more of an aggressive edge. Recently, we’ve shifted into a more psychedelic and experimental pop realm. We try to evoke an emotional reaction for ourselves and the listener through creating intricate and melodic atmospherics vs. playing really loud and aggressive.

What other media informs your writing process?

Music videos, film and interesting artwork all inform our writing process on a sub-conscious level. You use all of these different mediums to represent your music from a visual aesthetic perspective, so they definitely inform each other.

I think it’s that combination of fiction and reality that motivate our lyrics and influence us to create a unique world within each song. It’s such a fun and challenging process to shape and paint an aural picture with your own imagined sounds, thoughts and words.

What makes your latest album different from your previous work? What new things have you found or discarded this time round?

Giants & Dreamers is more ethereal than our previous EPs, both of which had more of a brooding New Wave/Post-Punk tone to them. Our self-proclaimed tribal pop genre descriptor also caught on with the new album, so that was cool! We definitely mixed in more electronic elements including drums and synths to achieve a more experimental and expansive pop sound this time around. We also didn’t limit ourselves with respect to layering instrumentation and pushing effects.

What’s next for the band?

We’ve been writing and demoing new song ideas and have been sharing them with each other via the Internet for collective sculpting before we embark on recording them later this year. We’re hoping to release some new songs early in 2013.

Giants and Dreamers is available for download now!

Illustration: Lisa Romero