News: Diesel + Edun Present Studio Africa

I saw the name SOLANGE and was immediately sold, such is the power of the Knowles…aka the Knowledge.

DIESEL+EDUN present a denim collection born in Africa and brought to us safari-hungry ones that are looking for that organic edge. Expect raw, untreated denim, built around a reinterpretation of the four-pocket jean of the 1970s South African streets. Malian textile prints, Zulu weaving patterns, Kenyan metalwork, and all the cultured trimmings that put some of the High Street to shame.

Studio Africa are launching a series of collaborative global live events to stampede this, and London is being lavished with a dj doo at the Boiler Room tonight. Deets can be found here.

Now back to SOLANGE, as my foxy iron lady always has something fro’real to say. Here’s the advocates dishing on the project…

“My love for African fashion, music and art runs deep to my core and has been a significant source of inspiration to me as an artist. I’m constantly being exposed to such innovative African talent so I’m excited that Diesel + Edun is celebrating that extraordinary creativity through Studio Africa and taking me along for the journey!”

Step inside Studio Africa to find out how young African talents define the future on their own termsĀ