Preview: Beau Homme

History was always a lesson that went over my head; that’s not to say I was never interested in all of the slutty scandal from The Only Way Is Henry 8th though. When it comes to fashion, being a timekeeper comes with the terms – seeing as we’re in a vortex of vintage and the future – which I guess leaves us in a place of the present…perhaps?

So here’s a spaced out intro about the centenary of Boccioni’s “Unique Forms in the Continuity of Space”, which will all make sense in a second I swear. The futurist movement had the foresight to comprehend the long-lasting consequences ushered in by technology and machinery, and to this day their influence reminds a potent influence in design, introducing a streamlined aesthetic which continues to inform the structure of objects.

There’s no E.T or Jetsons cameos coming up, or Matrix limbo moves, but instead the introduction of BEAU HOMME, a menswear brand that reaches to the stars to push, zap and reconfigure traditional expectations into the new normal.

Their AW13 collecion, THE FUTURIST CENTENARY, introduces sweaters that have sci-fi fish gills about it, like a deconstructed puzzle that somehow keeps the outfit whole. Cricket knits look like they have metallic wire staining through the ribs, as if ‘inside and out’ has been lost in translation to wonderful effect. Shirts have bolt buttons that bib at the bottom, suits strike a silver fluidity, and fountain pen necklaces look like a far away planet’s treasure.

Imagine a planet where eccentric countryside gents parade around in lazer colours and a taste for chemistry experiments. Then take a look at BEAU HOMME, and the future makes sense.