Preview: Youngers

Forget the days of Daniel Beddingfield claiming he recorded his first EP in his boxers in a box room: as Youngers are showing, you can make waves in more clothing than just your slacks. Introducing a new show to E4 that is realness all over; a witty, gritty and hip reflection on Peckham beat tingled kids looking to make a name for themselves away from the norm.

Let’s meet Jay. He’s a charmer. Smiles like an adorable devil, doesn’t have a knack for A’s and B’s, but has a hearty grade for his friends and passion. He knows he’s the next big thing and is just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up – and why not?

Then there’s Yemi. The bashful boy in a retro basketball frat boy jacket. Mum wants him to say his prayers and become a doctor n’all that. But Yemi is like Jay, all dynamic at the decks. Oh, the predicament.

This is a show that finds itself bang on trend with the recent wave of A$AP ROCKY and Iggy Azealia bringing music from the streets to the radio. Hard hitting rap and arty aggression has found a commercial home. Youngers has that feel good vibe about it, giving you that umph to slam the Tomb Raider controller down to show the world what you’re made of. No offense to Lara Croft, as what she does is obviously impressive and necessary. Love a stroll around a tomb I do. Anyway, I won’t give away much about the first episode, and simply tease you to catch it tomorrow on E4 at 7:30pm. Yes, that’s right, no swear words allowed: this is about the music and the mind, not the minging slang that we say on the underground every morning.

Oh, how rude of me – before I sign out, Mandem on the wall are proudly swinging their feet with rude boi lolz commentary throughout the show, like pigeons with snapback caps on who are watching the world going by.