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Review: This is Brighton

Friday 01 March 2013

The above video popped up the other day after being shared around by a few people. I saw the title and I got equally excited and wary. I was hoping that this would collect the biggest tits in Brighton so I could guffaw at them at my own pleasure, but I was also reminded of the last time a Brighton reality TV show idea was floating about. It was going to be called The Only Way is Brighton and casting calls went out for people to audition. Soon after, a trailer appeared introducing us to these characters, all of whom seemed pretty normal; kind of the opposite to what you want from a show like this.

Anyway, the show supposedly went into production and, in the meantime, a big club night event at Oceana was announced where the stars of the show would be in attendance. This seemed, if not odd, just another way of increasing exposure. The night took place, and as far as I heard, bombed. The show was never heard of again and it soon dawned on people this may have all been a load of bollocks from some desperate promoters. Hence my wariness of This Is Brighton.

In the end though, being reminded of all that in fact just bettered This Is Brighton. The show, despite being written one of the guys who runs one Brighton’s biggest weekly club nights, lampoons the promoters of Brighton and is generally a sideways swipe at the city’s culture in general. The best bit is that it’s all completely spot on. Anyone who’s spent any time in Brighton will instantly recognise the characters in the show.

There’s the poshboy DJ who tries to act like he grew up on Dizzee Rascal’s estate, who sums up all the rich kids in Brighton from the trustafarians to the hipsters tearing holes in their £200 jeans. The head promoter who takes themselves so seriously they don’t realise they’re just another one of the idiots they look down on. The flyer girls who are “just so crazy” and genuinely believe they’re getting promotion experience they can put on a CV. The manager whose thrust himself onto the scene and desperately clings on and, finally, the photographer who thinks searching out girls kissing in clubs will build a strong portfolio.

The whole thing is perfectly done really. It hasn’t fallen down the trap of trying too hard to seem real, which has a habit of detracting from the show as people argue and claim things like, “Yea, I’ve even met Flame. He is 100% like that. This is for real.” A couple of minutes in and you know it’s a joke. That lets your mind get on with pissing itself rather than working out if you should be angry at the idiots on screen.

It’s great stuff that’s well-written and well-shot. Apparently, there’s even talks of OMG LOL coming to a Brighton club soon (hopefully not Oceana).

Words: Joshua Danton Boyd