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Review: Wall- Valentine

Monday 25 March 2013
Words Spindle

Genre mash ups in music have led to some of the worst sonic experiences known to man being committed to tape. From the dubious idea of fusing rap and rock in the late nineties – don’t worry Aerosmith, we haven’t forgotten that it was originally your idea – to the always to be ill fated and, thankfully, little known folk-hop, fusing two musical genres is dangerous territory to say the least. 

With this in mind, the concept of delicate acoustic guitars and the softest of vocals with industrial production techniques could lead to understandable apprehension. Thankfully, any such worrying is completely unnecessary. Valentine manages to occupy fields that would please not only fans of the subtleties of Cat Power but also those of Broken Social Scene with its repetitive Depeche Mode esque percussion sampling layering over a simple, progressing guitar and bass arrangement.

Whether or not Valentine relies on this production to keep the listener interested is open to debate but if the end works audibly, the means are surely justified. Only time will tell if this genre play leads to more developed releases or if this track becomes something of a one trick pony but thoughts like that should never get in the way of enjoying a thoroughly pleasant song which Valentine most definitely is.

Words: Ben Clark