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Video: Rhosyn ‘Volcano’

Thursday 21 March 2013
Words Spindle

Now, I have a small issue with the video for Volcano in that I feel I need to be blessed with extra senses, or at least the ability to convey visual and sound independently yet at the same time. Perhaps that could be a new superpower – sod invisibility or the ability to levitate – maybe the power I should be searching for is independent dual sense (In your face Spiderman!).

Please understand that the opening paragraph only lends itself to the brilliance of Rhosyn. You see my issue is that of a spoilt child, think Veruca Salt …… I want everything , I want to close my lids, comatose my mind and take in the dark, moving, heartfelt voice of young Rose, but I want to see it as well. And see it can with the video for Volcano – but this is an artist that is anything but difficult to concentrate on. The gentle plucking and bowing of the Cello leading to seamless loops, seeing every penned word as it was meant to be through the microphone from the beautiful sound of Rhosyn.

The video allows us to see the subtle skills of this multi-talented artist, but be warned , you may end up watching and indeed listening to this on constant repeat.

Either way you will lose yourself with Rose as she gently take you by the hand and leads you through empty forests with glimpses of sunlight shining through that will hopefully never end.

So until the league of gentlemen bless me with IDS (Independent Dual Sense), I am merely Veruca Salt , or at least the male equivalent, unless that makes me someone like Justin Bieber , in which case I am just a spoilt , happy version of me, wanting it all. peacefully happy to be lost.

Words: Ross Emerick

Rhosyn is playing H.O.W.L. this Thursday.