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Interview: As Elephants Are

Tuesday 09 April 2013

Ahead of their performance at our weekly music night HOWL next week, we have an interview with Ben Stratford from As Elephants Are to whet your appetites.

So what’s the story behind you guys? How did you guys form? 

It all started with a college project that me and Harry (Roche) had to do.  We started writing a few songs then I asked Joe (Miller) if he wanted to get involved as went to school together. Harry asked Rob (Waters) if he wanted to join then it all just clicked into place and grew from then on.

Has it always been the aim to be making music or do/did you have any other career aspirations?

We have all been into music from such a young age, like most people. There is nothing in the world I think we would rather do than play music with each other.

For those that don’t know, how would you describe your sound and are there any musicians that you particularly draw inspiration from?

The best way that we have found to describe our sound is dark moody indie pop, if that makes sense to anyone. Our friend said to us the other day that it sounds like doom pop which sounds pretty cool haha.

As for musicians who inspire us, a lot of us are huge fans of Arcade Fire and the Cure – the way they write music just amazes me.

 Tell us about your latest single Youth Blood/Lucifer.

Once they were both recorded we always had them as a pair as it just felt and sounded right to us. Sam Winfield, our producer and good friend, see’s our music in the same way we do which helped a lot and made the whole recording so smooth.

We’ve heard the exciting news that you’re going to be playing at Bushstock festival this year alongside the likes of Willy Mason and Post War Years. How are you feeling about that?

We were so stoked when we found out that we got booked for the festival.  We always find playing with bands we listen to that little bit more special. Such a great festival we cannot wait!!

What have you guys got planned for the near future? Are there more exciting things in the pipeline?

We have quite a few shows coming up and we are always writing and recording. We just can’t wait to put out more music to be honest!

Words: Kitty Lungley