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O2W: Vince Kidd

Thursday 04 April 2013
Words Spindle

When Charlie had a deep conversation with Vince Kidd???…

Before the hardcore catch up over a happy meal, here’s a little bit of a bio about kiddulthood. ??Vince grew up in South London, the son of a cab driver. While I was busy being inspired by Sister Act, Vince was taking soulful note from Lauren Hill and started writing songs. A chance night out then led to a phone call from King of pop Michael Jackson! SHUT, UP! Vince didn’t utter that to MK, he didn’t talk about politics, panda pops or Princess Diana, he simply sang for his LIFE down the phone, with Michael declaring Vince a future star. This phone conversation was possibly the worlds first ever talent show. 

After performing in local pubs and bars, he was spotted by Sony ATV who rewarded him a publishing deal in 2010. Huge support from the UK urban scene (by urban I don’t mean Blazin’ Squad), a stint on ‘The Voice’ under the tasty whip of Jessie J (we’ll? get to that later), and now here we are… a chat with myself, which could be a career highlight or low. Let’s see shall we...??

So has music always been a dominant sidekick in your life?

Yes! From as long as I can remember I wanted to sing. Then when I was like 13, well… I was kinda fucking weird, like I thought I was all dark and edgy and shit (laughs), and gonna be this crazy soul singer.

What were your music tastes in the golden 90s?

The Spice Girls! That’s all I cared  about in the 90s! I love a lot of 90s stuff now, from The Prodigy to Faith Evans, but back then all I cared about was The Spice Girls.

Favourite Spice Girl when growing up? 

Ginger! I remember when those topless photos leaked of her and my cousin told me about it. I thought It was the coolest thing ever, I was like “yay boooooooobs”

Your thoughts on Christina Aguilera when she turned dirty and Britney when she went bald? 

Oh my god, I loved dirty Christina. That was such a tune. The video…the way she looked all trash and shit! She is so dry now, I want her to go all dirty again. I saw her in concert and knew all the words. Britney I didn’t care too much about, I was more into Aguilera. Although I look back at Britney videos now and am like “Shit, she was so good!” I’m a Slave 4 U was hot. The whole shaved head moment was sad.

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What were you up to before The Voice; was there a catalyst that got you signing up for the show? 

I was kinda known on the scene because I had that buzz video for Sick Love & the a64 for SBTV was blowing up. I had an album ready and I wanted more people to hear it. Literally just before the voice aired I got record deal offers but I couldn’t take them up because I was in contract with the BBC! I was like “aaaaa, this better go well, otherwise I’m screwed!” Luckily it did!

You’ve probably been asked the same questions over and again regarding the show, so instead I’ll simply ask if days would be different if you were paired with a different mentor than Jessie?

Who knows what would have happened if I’d have picked a different coach! I love Will I Am though, he’s a joker – I got on really well with him behind the scenes. Another coach might have kicked me out on the battle round bit. I clicked with Jessie from day one, so am glad I picked her. I was just listening to her Do It Like A Dude acoustic – it’s sooooooooooooo good!!!

How would you sum up your sound? Is ‘Sick Love’ a new sort of genre? 

I’d sum my sound up as…oh, I dunno. I genuinely don’t know. It’s trashy and classy and horny and heartbroken and inspired by pretty girls & boys.

Do you like a lot of the music that dominates the charts these days, or have you got a taste for the underground? 

No. I like that Flo Rida song about blow jobs though.

What do you think about the chart dominance from DJs? Are there collaborations or directions you’d ever consider? 

I’ve been working a bit with Drums of Death, who was responsible for Fierce which Azealia Banks rapped on. We’ve worked on some stuff for my record and some stuff for his. I really love Jamie XX. I’d definitely collaborate with more DJs because I like to rave! I’m gonna drop a dance hall remix with my next release.

How is it going on tour when a lot of the material is yet to be released upon the eager world? How was the response, and what sort of demographic was the crowd? I guess what I’m saying is ‘how was the tour?!’ 

I’ve done two headline tours and would say they’re both the highlights of my career so far. Performing live is probably my favourite aspect of what I do. I can’t explain that buzz you get. The kidds are crazy! There’s a mixture of ages, sexes, lots of ghetto girls, gay boys, people that generally feel like misfits. Everyone seems to share this misfit kind of attitude. I’d look out in the audience and everyone is just raving out and being themselves. It’s some soulful shit.

I’m good friends with Scottie who runs Your Mum’s House in Dalston, which I know you’ve got a clubbing soft spot for. What about that club scene does it for you, and can you tell me a little more about teaming up with YMH on tour?

Scott’s a really good mate of mine – all my mates hang out there, it’s the best place to party, because they do not give a flying fuck. There’s boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as boys, people are just like whatever, everyone’s just so free! The door bitches there (Lottie and Lucy Fizz) are mates too, they were my backup dancers on tour. Then I had Scott and the rest of the YMH DJ’s on tour warming up for me. They all sum up the attitude of my show, of me and the kidds! A free for all!!!!

I love your style. I guess you could say fashion is also an important platform for you to be creative? 

Well I just really enjoy fashion. I just wanna express myself with how I look. But I dunno how to describe it – sometimes I feel like it’s a bit ghetto, then a bit punk. I just like to feel sexy, and look like a little cartoon character half of the time.

Is there a career creativity in fashion that could be possibly explored? 

I’ve been working on a clothing line – but I won’t release anything til it’s right. There’s definitely gonna be fashion in the mix, because that’s what I’d have worked in if I didn’t do music.

What are you hoping 2013 is going to hold (asked by Mystic Meg, guest interviewer)?

I’m hoping to break through in a big way! I just wanna do the things I’ve always dreamed! Playing loads of gigs! And I can’t wait to put my album out!

What’s your biggest ‘LOL’ moment of the year? (Mystic Meg didn’t ask this)

I went to Mexico over Xmas. It was so amazing. Anyway. There was this American chick in her little hut on the beach, and you could rent these boats out for free from her. She hated me and one of my friends because we used to wake up in the morning and drink all the champagne then turn up as soon as the hut opened with our mango margaritas like (slurs words) “babe can we take out the kayak?” One day we wanted to kayak so bad we got our other friend up to ask and she was like “ok, but guys please promise me, you have to be back in half an hour “.  My friend and I drank on the double kayak, with my other mate on a single one. Suddenly we feel we’ve gone so far away that we pull into shore because we see this hot mermaid chick with her tits out and we think her friends have some herb. We smoke some weed with this chick and were having so much fun, and her tits were so perky. Then we realise we are way late over giving the kayaks back, try and head back, but were fearing for  our lives and floating off into the sea, unable to row because we are so stoned. We then realise that the hotel is actually right next to us, despite thinking we’d sailed for ages! The whole fucking hotel is staring at us like “shit, you guys need to go fix up.”

That’s pretty LOL

So what we’ve learnt is that Vince is a keen kayak-er, has a soft spot for Ginger Spice and dirty sexual slave music videos, likes a song about blow jobs, and is soul mixed with sanisa (the word Paris and Nicole make up in The Simple Life)

Spindle HEARTS him

Words: Charlie Matthews

Images: Vic Lentaigne & Darren Skene

Styling: Heather Falconer

Makeup: Anna Inglis Hall