Preview: The Make Believe Festival @ Islington Metal Works, London, 3rd – 5th May 2013

The Make Believe Festival is a three-day event taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend which aims to reawaken the imaginative and playful side of festival experiences with a full throttle sensory bombardment.

It starts with the Clockwork Underworld. Part of a five year transmedia story told through graphic novels, theatre and film, it promises to shed light on the seedy underbelly of Victorian society with an exploration of the East End’s dark streets and the clockwork automata which keep society ticking along. If that sounds a bit heavy, there’s a bit of burlesque thrown in to lighten things up.

Following this is The Goblin King’s Third Annual Masquerade Ball. This is an event where the normal order of the world is turned upside down and goblins, nymphs, ogres and other strange creatures are free to make merry. Finally the fun concludes with the Make Believe Market where craft makers and artisans sell their wares and a playful world is available for all ages to explore.

Throughout the three days there will be live music from bands such as the Bohemianauts,
Bitter Ruin and Rum Buffalo along with performances from – among others – the Theatre of Dolls, Firecat Masquerade, Arsenica Lace and Chi Chi Revolver. Fingers crossed, this festival should be just the thing to fire you up for facing what’s left of the working week.

Tickets: £5 – 35

Words: Nicky Charlish