Preview: Panasonic and Rankin Film Productions Present: GH3-Minute Movies

In collaboration with Rankin Film productions and Hunger TV, Panasonic gave three filmmakers – David Allain, Vicky Lawton and Charlie&Joe – the new Panasonic LUMIX GH3 camera with the challenge to produce a 3 minute film and showcase the capabilities of the LUMIX GH3 as a high-performance tool for filmmakers.

Each week for the next three weeks the films will be released along with feedback on the camera’s performance from the filmmakers and their production teams.

The first of the three films is from Vicky Lawton, who has previously worked as Rankin’s photography assistant, followed by head of Rankin’s in-house film department, Rankinfilm, as well as Creative Director of Rankin’s magazine, ‘Hunger’.  Lawton has also directed several music videos and fashion films which resulted in collaborations with the band Alpines and designer Katie Eary.

Lawton’s short film, ‘Hertz’, starring Tony Kebbell who is known for his roles in Shane Meadow’s Dead Man’s Shoes, War Horse and RocknRolla amongst others, is a dark and moody Short in which a man is held prisoner and subjected to an arcane experiment.  The nature of the film is in line with Lawton’s style, which she has acknowledged has the tendency to be menacing: “I guess there is an element to what I do which always tends to be a little bit dark. Put it this way, I am not going to be making rom-coms any time soon! I like my stuff to be a little bit sinister, a little bit moody and confrontational. I also like to be a bit surreal rather than too steeped in reality.”  Lawton made the most of the versatility of the LUMIX GH3 camera, using various lenses, while the super speed lenses allowed her to achieve the depth of quality she was after, “by using those lenses we got the professional and dramatic depth of field that is really pronounced in the film.”

Watch Lawton’s ‘Hertz’ here:

At First Sight, David Allain

‘At First Sight’ by David Allain

‘At First Sight’ is the title of the three minute film by David Allain.  The film is a bittersweet love story starring Hannah Arterton (sister of Gemma) and Ashley Thomas.  Allain’s previous work has been for music videos – including those for major record labels EMI and Universal – and narrative films.  Given his previous experience of creating music videos, Allain felt confident in his ability to tell an engaging and memorable story in 3 minutes, “I am really happy with this film and feel my experience in music videos helped me to convey this story succinctly in a short period of time. I’m also really happy with the music. The score, by a talented composer called Sena Verdi, successfully compliments the emotion of the various scenes, very often with simplicity. I’m definitely excited to share the final film with everyone!” Allain was impressed by the LUMIX GH3 camera, describing it as “small, lightweight, easy to use and flexible.”

Watch David Allain’s ‘At First Sight’ here:

'Neville' by Charlie&Joe

‘Neville’ by Charlie&Joe

The third film in the project is a comedic-drama called ‘Neville’ by film-maker duo Charlie&Joe.  Neville, played by Tom Davis, is a dinosaur and fossil enthusiast who becomes caught up in a difficult situation when he accidentally comes across a portal into the past. This film demonstrates the importance of human contact and the dangers of obsession.  Because Charlie&Joe have worked predominantly in making music videos and film campaigns for fashion brands, the duo was delighted to work on something entirely their own rather than creating something for someone. Furthermore, Charlie has suggested that the making of this video could signal a change in the style of video the duo makes, “It was a sort of step into something else perhaps; it could herald a new direction in one sense. Comedy has never really been our thing, but now after Neville we are definitely thinking in a comedic tone.”  From their use of the LUMIX GH3, Charlie&Joe were impressed by the versatility of the camera, “It is a camera that is great for professionals because it is easy and lightweight – really flexible and versatile. Having said that, it would also be good for non-professionals because it is so easy to use, you can achieve a lot with it.”

Watch Charlie&Joe’s ‘Neville’ here:

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Words: Kitty Lungley