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Monday 29 April 2013
Words Spindle

Photo-artist and sculptor Thom Bleasdale has been selected by WeSC to show his first ever London exhibition. The work entitled A Rare Photograph of the Soul Leaving the Body,’ shows 29 pieces between the 25 April and 6 June.

Thom has gained rapid recognition from the art, photography and skating world. Raised in North Devon, he was incredibly isolated due to a major illness in his early 20s, which is why his perspective is so different to most. As a result of a rare condition he spent six years cut off from society and largely alone. During this time he studied CG art and became a highly-regarded magician and hypnotherapist.

He puts all his efforts into expressing himself and trying to establish and communicate through visual art, be it photography, sculpture, drawing or painting. The themes in his work relate to life, death and the nature of reality, mainly as a result of social isolation during his 20’s.

He said of his work: ‘The pieces are mainly about my view on life and my attempt to convince myself that death isn’t terrifying. Some of the pieces show living to its fullest extent and other pieces demonstrate aspects of life that are often unnoticed, but are much more significant than they first appear.’

‘A Rare Photograph of the Soul Leaving the Body’ will be at the WeSC Store, 43 Carnaby Street, W1F 7EA, from the 25 April to 6 June 2013.

Words: Mary Howell