Review: Gold Panda – Brazil

In this heat wave of a single from Gold Panda’s forthcoming album ‘Half Of Where You Live’, ‘Brazil’ takes you right into the middle of the carnival with some laid-back vibes and unshakable stamina for fast beats and shimmery light-catching vibrations.

Gold Panda wrote ‘Brazil’ after touring the country, with the album’s title track centered on the densely populated city of San Paolo.  As we’ve already experienced with past tracks like ‘Same Dream China’, the experimentally inclined producer takes lots of inspiration and influence from his travelling, saying recently that “The [vocal] sample is kind of like an excited chant, bigging up the place, then it all gets confusing to replicate the traffic and buildings.”

The tropical confusion of the song is gentler than you might first imagine but the repeating loop of the word ‘Brazil’ could result in a sunstroke migraine, overall however the tranquil loops leave you blissed out, heavily involved and relentlessly foot tapping by the end of the five minute and forty-one second track.

A little less organic than his previous album, Gold Panda fans might be frustrated by the lack of soothing textures, but ‘Brazil’ is a great summer tune and should be played repeatedly to give each disappointingly grey, British BBQ a little bit of heat and excitement.

Half Of Where You Live will be released on June 10th 2013.

Words: Alice Ash