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Review: Nina Nesbitt ‘Stay Out’

Wednesday 10 April 2013

The last year has been a phenomenal one for singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt. At just eighteen, she’s released two EP’s, toured with some of the biggest names in Brit music and most of all wholly stunned all those who are lucky enough to have discovered her music and all who loyally adore her because of this.

If this is the first time you’ve heard her name though, it certainly won’t be the last and with the release of the special four track bundle Stay Out, Nina’s acoustic woven tones, weave their way like golden silk, beautiful and pure.

Opening track Stay Out is a bouncy little number, reminiscent of youthful fun. The sonics are catchy and radiant with jaunty guitar lines merging with Nina’s delicate folky tones perfectly. Igniting the EP with vitality and spirit.

This is a musician who is wise beyond her years, with heartbreak a running muse just as much as love and blossoming on this record the writing and production is near perfect. Just Before Goodbye portrays Nina’s vocal ability beautifully, a voice so delicate and unique, bittersweet in recollections of lost love and end come to soons, again her guitar skills and vocals are incredibly well executed particularly in the live performance video for this track.

No Interest begins with texture, this track shows this artists prolific range with an edge, Nina Nesbitt is a storyteller, her words of experience and observation collage to create these songs which all are so special and most importantly hugely personal and honest to herself.

Closing with Statues, the tones are devastating, piano patters and elegance grace the song with a softness. ‘I’ll be waiting to come alive’ she sings with absolute sincerity.

As an EP, these four tracks pack so much flair, in every way it dazzles with Nina’s talent, proving that she’s not just another acoustic singer songwriter. We’re certain her career is going to be a magical one, and Stay Out is just the start.

Words: Lauren Bridgeman