Spotlight: Little Shilpa

Little Shilpa is the global brand belonging to Mumbai-born milliner Shilpa Chavan.  The label offers handcrafted, wearable headpieces, accessories and jewellery which have been inspired by various cultures, travelling, local influences and observations.  It is clear that India is a strong source of inspiration for Chavan’s pieces which feature vivid colour and exaggerated adornment, and boldly highlight the juxtaposition between old India and its recent modernisation.

Launched in 2009 and named ‘Little Shilpa’ because of the designer’s tiny proportions, the brand has clients across the world clamouring for the fantastical and dramatic pieces of ‘wearable art’ that Chavan produces; clients also include celebrities such as Lady Gaga who has worn Little Shilpa creations since 2009.  Little Shilpa has collaborated with a number of leading fashion designers including Boudicca and Unconditional and taken part in 2009’s hat exhibition ‘Headonism,’ curated by Stephen Jones, as part of London Fashion Week.


Kitty Lungley