Spotlight: Victoria Kelsey, Jewellery Designer

Victoria Kelsey is a Yorkshire-born jewellery designer, currently based at Vanilla Ink Studios in Dundee, Scotland. Having assisted designers Husam el Odeh, FSAugusta and Fred Butler on their seasonal collections and catwalk pieces during her jewellery degree at Middlesex University, Kelsey has gained enviable experiences in the industry; these experiences have also enriched her love of jewellery.

Kelsey’s debut collection, ‘Precious Grime’ is inspired by the effects of time and the marks that the ageing process leaves on discarded objects found at flea markets. Talking about the story behind her collection, Kelsey has said, “I see beauty in the layers of dust, grime, rust and filth gathered over many years. I am interested in the uncanny nature of how these dormant objects fall into disrepair altering their original form. My jewellery explores an exaggerated representation of dust, transforming the subtle dirt into something more precious and beautiful.” Kelsey mainly works with metal, and all pieces are hand-crafted using traditional techniques.

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Kitty Lungley