Stuart McCallum – The Seventh Tree

Manchester guitarist and composer Stuart McCallum, probably best known for his work with Cinematic Orchestra, has released a track ‘The Seventh Tree’ which is available now for free download.

The new track is the result of McCallum’s time spent in Tokyo after being commissioned by the British Council to compose and record a piece of music for the Musicity project in the Japanese capital in 2012.  The music McCallum made for the project was available for people to listen to and download via smart phones at various listening posts as part of the Roppongi Art Night Festival (an annual all-night art festival started in 2009). Inspired by the Roppongi district, McCallum created the track ‘The Seventh Tree’. The single features Cinematic Orchestra band mates Phil France on bass and Luke Flowers on drums.

‘The Seventh Tree’ refers to the growth and destruction of Roppongi which was reputedly built around six trees, all of which have now been destroyed. A beautiful track that is reflective yet powerful, ‘The Seventh Tree’ plays like a speeded up film of Roppongi’s history  – it’s destruction during the Second World War and its subsequent growth into what is now a vibrant commercial district.

Listen and download the ‘The Seventh Tree’ for free here:

Words: Kitty Lungley