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CHOULACHOU: No Ordinary Accessories label

Friday 10 May 2013
Words Lizzie

Recently launching in London, Choulachou is no ordinary accessories label. They unite fashion and art by working with talented illustrators to create unique, hand drawn and most importantly extremely creative scarves. The current collections take inspiration from those fantasy stories that still capture our imagination. The Little Red Riding Hood Collection really caught my eye and was born from a single word given to a Thai Artist: Reflection. The two designs: What big Teeth you Have and To Better Eat with you, are based upon the original Grimm’s Brothers book, which is dark and dramatic compared to the endearing fairytale version we are all used to.

What amazes me about these scarves is how exquisitely detailed they are. What big Teeth you have (seen below) encapsulates the story from Little Red Riding Hood’s Perspective. After talking to Choulachou they revealed how each element of the story is shown within the design…what-big-teeth-you-have

  • Little Red Riding Hood is the centrepiece of this design. She has her finger in front of her mouth as her mother told her not to talk to strangers. Her face has been replaced by forest, as we are seeing the story through her eyes.
  • Every fairy tale starts with “once upon a time” which is incorporated on the nail polish bottle. The wolf is depicted in Little Red Riding Hood’s hair surrounding her, illustrating that she is unaware of the danger that is approaching her.
  • The clock in the scarf illustrates the time Little Red Riding Hood spent picking flowers and being late to see her grandma, whilst the heart represents her life which she put in danger when she talked to the wolf.
  • “What big eyes you have” and “What big ears you have” are famous quotes from the story that have been incorporated to decorate 2 corners of this scarf. Another quote “Knock Knock…Who is there?” also appears on the label of the bottle.

To Better Eat You With encapsulates the wolf’s perspective of the story and what he expects to happen.

eat you

  • Little Red Riding Hood appears completely innocent as she is playing with bubbles surrounded by roses and butterflies. She is unaware of the danger that surrounds her as the wolf tricks her.
  • The border is made of his ribs and spine as if you could see what is inside his stomach.
  • One of the corners is made of his skull. The other is a butterfly whose wings are made of Little Red Riding Hood sitting scared with her hair arranged in the shape of a human skull. Reminding us that the danger is all around her.
  • The hungry wolf polishes the fork and sharpens the knife waiting for innocent Little Red Riding Hood. The detailed silverware is made of miniature, tied up, Little Red Riding Hoods and Wolves.

Whilst Choulachou’s objective is to establish itself as a label that mixes art and fashion, their scarves are a great first product and available to purchase online. I’m sure they will soon take London by storm.


Words: Lizzie Ashby.