Ginge London

Check out Ginge London, an exciting new unisex streetwear brand offering headwear and clothing for the now generation.

The brains behind the brand is Ravensbourne University Graphic Design student and natural redhead Charlotte Knight, who began creating customised snapbacks just over 6 months ago. Finding that she was attracting so much attention with her snapbacks, Charlotte decided to turn it into a successful business. Taking the title ‘Ginge’ after her nickname, the homegrown brand has been supported by countless celebrities including Misha B, Diversity, Fazer, Krept and Konan, Daley, Etta Bond and, Spindle favourite, Vince Kidd, amongst others.

Starting out as providers of quality unisex handmade designer headwear, the independent brand has quickly become renowned for it’s unique aesthetic often incorporating studs, leather detailing and eye-catching animal print on their popular snapbacks, beanies and bobble-beanies.

With it’s popularity expanding beyond the online marketplace, Ginge London can also be found at Urban Outfitter’s Oxford Street store and at Islington’s Violated Lifestyle. The brand has branched out into clothing with sweatshirts incorporating detailing in gold foil and leopard print, as well as crop tops and vests for the summer months.

Check out the full ranger here:


Kitty Lungley