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Les Enfants Terribles @ The Great Escape

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Les Enfants Terribles in association with Spindle Magazine present a day of the hottest new music at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Join us at The Mesmerist on 16th May 2013 from midday until 11pm so a glorious day of musical bliss!

fun adultsFun Adults

Set time: 12:00 – 12:30

The Leeds band Fun Adults will be playing Great Escape this year in Brighton. With their dreamy melodies and somewhat disjointed beats, they are renowned for putting painstaking effort into every track. This can be seen in their music: they are a tight band consisting of childhood friends who you can tell are all sync with each other’s musical direction. After shutting themselves away in the seclusion of their 200 year old barn converted studio, the band have managed to create a blissfully tranquil marriage of electronic and acoustic influences.

eye emma jediEye Emma Jedi

Set time: 12:50 – 1:20

The Anglo-Norwegian indie pop outfit Eye Emma Jedi will also be playing this year’s Great escape. They have gone from strength to strength in the last few years, after doing a 100 day recording session in Spain and a load of festivals they are back, fuelled on their creative juices. They bring thumping danceable beats alongside melodic vocals, there is a Two Door Cinema Club’esque feel to it but with very much their own sound, plenty of very catchy up beat riffs.

away days

The Away Days

Set time: 1:40 – 2:10
Heralding all the way from Turkey, not a country usually associated with indie or rock music, they still manage to retain credibility and are immensely popular in their own country and here. The Away Days are a 4 piece indie/rock band that are set to play on the main stage at One Love festival with the likes of The Vaccines, Foals and Blur, and to play at this year’s Great Escape in Brighton.


Set time: 2:30 – 3:00

Thought grunge was dead? Think again: Tigercub have taken it upon themselves to resurrect the sound, in what they call ‘’post-grunge’’, except with a pinch of glam.

V V Brown

Set time : 3:25 – 3:55

The singer song writer, the model, the producer. V V brown is a truly talented artist. She has gone from success to success with her 50s doo wop style, and she boasts a retro look in all aspects of her life, from her fashion to her music. In an age where everyone seems to be looking backwards in time for inspiration, she is certainly at the forefront of combining today’s music and fashion with a vintage flare.

My New Favourite Tribe

Set time : 4:15 – 4:45

The 80s style new wave synth sensation My New Favourite Tribe will be gracing this year’s Great Escape, with their electro pop beats. Their influences range from  Gary Numan to Nirvana, and they revel in the everything 80s, weaving synth into every square inch of music they create, although they do not completely reject the 21st century – instead offering us the option of listening to a perfect synchronisation of both.

Plant Plants

Set time : 5:15 – 5:45

The Hackney duo Plant Plants have been steadily working their way up the ranks with producing support from the likes of simian disco and Jas shaw, they boast a fairly melancholic sound, with past experiences of loss and heartache, we see their emotions shine through as they use there immersive lyrics to channel their emotions into musical form. They also prefer to use samples created from actual instrumental recordings, creating a more organic sound, coupled with their enthralling vocals.


Set time: 6:05 – 6:35

With many years working and searching Kasket has found a sound he is happy with but is always still looking. Raw recordings, live atmosphere, glitched up vocals and catchy melodies, Kasket now is ready to give it all he has and to show people his unique take on music.


Set time: 6:55 – 7:25

A unique band with a unique sound, with screeched lyrics and nightmarish disjointed thrashing beats, they create a truly haunting sound, but one that grips you. Also they combine an interesting image with their unique sound, there image emphasizes the dark almost foreboding mood of their music. They are a true testament to abilities of an unsigned band to be able to draw in crowds and enthrall an audience.

King Dinosaur


Set time: 7:45 – 8:15


The Brighton based producer will be playing his first Brighton based gig at the Great escape this year. A Truly talented artist, he combines an ambient soundscape dotted with glitchy two step beats and ghostly tones, his chilled out vocals glide smoothly across his tracks. He is also a versatile artists, known to use the flute during his live shows. He seems to draw influences from a range of different genres to create a blissful ambience.

Special Guest

Set time : 8:35 – 9:05


Phantom Runners

Set times : 9:25 – 9:55

The Brighton band Phantom runners who have gradually been raising the profile since they got together in early 2010, have been working their way up the musical ladder, having feature on BBC’s introducing and made it on to radio ones ‘Track of the week’. They combine catchy indie riffs with dreamy pop like melodies, and are known for their great live presence.


Image: Jean-Luc Brouard

The Wytches

Set time: 10:15 – 10:45

The recently formed (2011) band the Wytches, have managed to create a huge impression in the brief time they have been together. They have had much acclaim from audiences and bloggers alike. There sound is distinctly grungy, with their screeched lyrics and throbbing bass, each track feels grimy but in brilliant way. With the revival of grunge like sounds from many bands, expect to see great deal more of these young lads in the future.

Words: Jake Al-hilali