Listen: Icky Blossoms – ‘Deep in the Throes’

Omaha trio, Icky Blossoms, formed in 2011 through friendship and a mutual desire to make art and new music. Guitarist and vocalist, David Pressnall, also an acclaimed visual artist, and Nik Fackler, lead guitarist and spirit-award nominated film-maker, combine with Sarah Bohling’s captivating voice to form Icky Blossoms.

The music that the group creates, with its bass-heavy electronic grooves, pop structure and rock & roll swagger, is a sound that is simultaneously avant garde, catchy and danceable.

Listen to their new track, ‘Deep in Throes’, here:

‘Deep in Throes’ is packed with energetic, sexed-up electronica, and serves as a perfect example of what is to follow on their debut self-titled album which is to be released on 3rd June.

Kitty Lungley