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Position of the Week: The Double Under

Thursday 02 May 2013
Words Spindle

No double entendre needed for The Double Under. I’m sure it’s conjuring up enough images already… Just look at the smile on her face.

The Double Under
Skipping is a great way to get a lot of cardio and calorie burning benefits in a very short space of time. This move is one that’ll ramp up the intensity.

1. Grasp skipping rope handles on each side and start with the rope behind you.
2. Jump and quickly swing the rope around over your head and under feet twice before landing. Repeat.
3. Use this for interval training – try skipping for 20 seconds then resting for 40 seconds, for 10 minutes. If the double unders are tough to start with, practice regular skipping for these intervals until you’re feeling more confident.

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Illustration: Mary Howell