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Relentless TV Ad: Music that Matters

Monday 27 May 2013

The new Relentless TV Ad featuring Professor Green, Zane Lowe and Pure Love follows the creative process from inspiration, creation and performance. The advert reflects Relentless Energy Drinks dedication to ‘Music that Matters’. Spindle Magazine were luckily enough to attend a question and answer session with Pro Green,  Zane Lowe, Pure Love and Relentless’ creative director, Ross Cairns. Here’s what we found out….

Zane, tell me about the ad? 

The first time I saw it I was pretty speechless, I was there for the majority of the filming. First of all it was really fun to do this. The reason I got involved is because I am a fan of these guys (Pro Green and Pure Love) and it just didn’t feel like we were being filmed. It was a real achievement for Ross and to see the ad and the way the music brings it together and the way some of the shots speak to each other…. I just love it. I love the Ad.

Frank and Jimmy- What was it like for you ? 

It was fun, really funny. We are kinda the underdogs in this. We have just put our album out and are a very new band. First and foremost we were excited to be asked…and we are in safe hands. They were able to film us doing what we do without getting in our way and we got a really good ad.

Professor Green, this is the second ad we have seen you in. This ones a little different isn’t it? 

Yes, the main difference is how organic this was and what Ross was able to capture was the most intimate part of the creative process. It’s like having sex, you enjoy it (for the most part), but you dont really want people watching you while you are doing it. Watching the ad back I got the tingles and it gets the message across. I think if you ever question what you are doing and feel like you are compromising yourself, then you are probably selling out…it’s not all about the money, it has to work…you must do something that you believe in.

Check out the Ad Below:

Words: Lizzie Ashby