Stunning Video for Pylo’s New Track ‘Enemies’

Pylo’s debut single Enemies, with its mesmerizing vocals and powerful use of guitars, is a breath of fresh air in an industry so flooded with auto tune and digital remastering. Pylo was formed just last year by five friends from Bath but they have already established themselves as skillful artists that can hold their own against other British rock n’ roll greats. Enemies is a moving track that stirs the emotions of its listeners with its captivating sound. The central point of Enemies’ exceedingly personal message is not to be afraid to reach out to those round us in times of emotional distress which is both poignant and universally relatable.

Adding to the song’s resonance is how powerfully it is performed by lead singer Matt Aldus who’s voice is unbearably beautiful. Pylo has borrowed from a number of genres from classic R&B to neo-folk and built on each influence until they reached a sound all their own . It is this diversity that makes their sound so impacting and enables them to transcend generational gaps and appeal to a wider audience. Judging from what an impressive track Enemies is, the album should be amazing.

Enemies releases on June 24th however it  is available for preorder at itunes now and Pylo has a number of tour date that can be found at

Tyesha Litz