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Case Conrad: “Impressing Through Music and Personality”

Wednesday 05 June 2013

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Words Ailis Mara

A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians.“ -Frank Zappa.

Take a midlife crisis-like situation, a talented improviser and a prearranged US tour and you get Case Conrad, which due to the constellation of this series of unforeseen events happened to come together to make music. Case Conrad, a band of now four Swedes and a Portuguese have progressed into something harmonic and promising- impressing through music and personality.

When Case Conrad came about, Gustav Haggren (lead singer and guitarist) had just departed from his previous project, ‘Gustav and the Seasick Sailors’, however a tour in Germany and the US had already been planned, so it was decided that the band was to be re-constructed from scratch in practically no time.

Coincidences seem to be remarkably defining when it comes to Case Conrad’s creation- I happened to see them play at their first concert with new band members and a recently wrapped up album called “Leikko“ (out this Autumn) –obviously, through an unforeseen chain of events, yet again. Seeing that all band members are spread between Malmö in Sweden, and Barcelona in Spain, makes us even more curious to listen to their music, which is being created on that basis.

Their first album ‘Dew Point’, makes us think of the moment the frost first lets go of a long winter, not only because of its title, but through the feel of its songs and lyrics- reflecting the time when Case Conrad got together. ‘Dew Point’ has a theme running through it, and so will the new album, “Leikko”. As per Gustav, the upcoming release features themes more in the form of a story, which is put together by various themes and experiences of the band. Listening to Dew Point makes you want to lie down, space out and let a paper plane fly out of your window, whilst you probably would not even realize you have had the album on repeat for half a day. A glimpse of the new album promises dreamy guitar sounds and the voice of a singer who is committed to translating the emotion of each song into audio pleasure, rather than striving for lyrical precision.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Gustav about Case Conrad’s beginning, their current projects and future plans. Gustav “wants to be able to have a band that is able to bring out the talent each one has“, and their upcoming US tour will give them the time to see how this goal can be reached best. We’re wishing the guys the best of luck for 2013!

Words: Mona Souli