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DJ Fresh VS Diplo Feat. Dominique Young Unique – ‘Earthquake’

Friday 21 June 2013
Words Spindle

Check out the new video for DJ Fresh VS Diplo, featuring Spindle favourite Dominique Young Unique.

The video sees our stars dressed as superheroes and patrolling the streets of New York City  – an apt connection seeing as this tune is set to feature on the soundtrack for Kick Ass 2, which is released this summer.

Of course with this production team, no-one’s bound to take themselves too seriously, and sure enough by the end of the song our ‘superheroes’ are picking their noses and cracking open cans of beer – a thoroughly British take on the superhero genre, and one we can thoroughly get behind here at Spindle.

There are a lot of huge names involved here, but the standout truly is Dominique Young Unique, whose fierce rapping skills combine perfectly with the mad beat.

You can download the song on iTunes, and check out the amazing new video below!