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Graduate Fashion Week: IQ by Imtayaz Qassim RTW13

Monday 10 June 2013

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Words Lizzie

Graduate Fashion Week took Earls Court by storm, showcasing the finest of fashion design talent from across the country. Responsible for launching Stella mcCartney and Christopher Bailey, Graduate Fashion Week is the place to discover the designers of tomorrow. This year there were a number of designers that caught my eye. To start with a particular menswear designer from the University of Wales, Newport stood out. Combining both his British and Asian heritage with luxury fabrics and minimalistic silhouettes, Imtayaz Qassim creates clothing for the modern man. Already working with clients such as Chris Brown and Ofei, you can expect big things from Imtayaz in the future. I managed to ask him a few questions about himself and his collection: IQ.


My name is Imtayaz Qassim. I’m a Menswear designer that has just graduated from the University of Wales, Newport. I currently create bespoke pieces for a number of clients, mainly musicians at the moment.


My recent collection, IQ by Imtayaz Qassim RTW13 was all about being creative but real at the same time. A lot of graduates I find create these big colourful over the top collections that sometimes look cool walking down the runway, but nobodies ever going to wear it. I wanted my collection to be visually exciting, look good but at the same time you could pick it up off the rail and wear it straight away.

The fabric choices really came from a couple of things. Everything I do usually reverts back to sportswear in some shape or form, which is where the jersey and the silhouettes that allow easy movement come from. Martial arts plays a big part in my life and at the moment it feels like the World is in a bad state. I took inspiration from the Shaolin Monks, and their peaceful way of life and how they incorporate Martial Arts in to every day living. The the use of Nappa Lambskin Leather, the beautiful silk lining and amazing RiRi zips came from me wanting to add that element of luxury to the collection.


At the moment I’m working on my bespoke pieces, I have some very exciting things lined up over the next few weeks, and some amazing new clients on board, as well as doing some freelance consultation for a few brands. GFW was an amazing experience for me and some amazing opportunities are in the pipe line from that, so there’s a lot to come.

The quote on Imtayaz’s website sums up his work- “Its ok to be your own inspiration, to live in your own world, to create a vision and a story”. Check out images below and visit http://imtayazqassim.co.uk/

IQ by Imtayaz Qassim RTW13

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Only available as Made To Order. Email: Contact@imtayazqassim.co.uk

Words: Lizzie Ashby