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Position of the Week: The Superman

Thursday 13 June 2013
Words Lizzie

Lie face down. Extend your arms and legs. Exhale…

The Superman
Recovery is as important a part of training as all the exercise itself. Stretch out your lower back with this ‘active recovery’ superhero move…

1. Lie face down on the floor or exercise mat. Your arms should be fully extended in front and legs behind.
2. Exhaling, simultaneously raise your arms, legs, and chest off the floor and hold for 2 seconds.
3. Inhaling, slowly lower your arms, legs and chest back down to the floor.
4. Repeat for 2 sets of 10 reps.
5. You can also perform this exercise using one arm and leg at a time, right arm with left leg, left arm with right leg.

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Illustration: Nhung Nguyen