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Thursday 11 July 2013
Words Spindle

Have you guys heard of balcony TV? I hadn’t until recently and, to be honest, with it transmitting out of over 40 countries worldwide and boasting 100,000 previous shows to catch up on, I was sightly shocked that I was so behind the times. So I suppose it’s time for Spindle to do their part in letting you guys catch up with the online music channel that embraces emerging talent, just like we do. 

These guys have had their hands on the likes of Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Kimbra, The Temper Trap, Ed Sharpe, Jessie J, Biffy Clyro and Beardyman. But the thing I really love about Balcony TV is the fact that (yup, you guessed it) it’s filmed on a balcony! Their strap line ‘music with a view’ couldn’t be more fitting as you’re getting a glimpse of wherever in the world the music is belting out from. Last week I was lucky enough to join Tina, the head of the London stand of balcony TV, whilst overlooking Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The Eye and a host of London’s other iconic landmarks visible when leaning over Central Hall’s balustrade. I was treated to the audio delights of Louis Checkley, a jazz-pop singer from brighton, and Shan, an acoustic London based singer songwriter that proving to be more of an ‘un-genreable’ character, both chiming out awesome performances over central London. Hanson, yes I said Hanson (doo wop, flowing long locks brosef trio Hanson) were also present promoting their new music. Surreal, whilst both interesting and harmonious. Spindle’s pick of the day has to be Z-Star however – the musical child of brighton based singing, songwriting, funk and soul and blues rocking leading lady Zee Gachette. You’ve got to check out their track good woman and look out for them at upcoming festivals dotted all over the UK and Europe this summer. And if our recommendation isn’t enough of a sway, Jimmy Page has been quoted calling these guys ‘a force of nature’. Nuf said.

Alongside letting me be a fly on the wall for the filming, Tina filled me in on how the channel’s been going from strength to strength over the past few years. Since humble beginnings in Dublin back in 2007, it’s mounted up over 100,000 likes on facebook worldwide and, after winning funding from The Huffington Post last year, has managed to establish a New York based headquarters. The London strand also hosts regular gigs around London that give their show’s stars a chance to perform live to the channel’s followers. It looks like there’s big things coming Balcony TV’s way, and now they’ve got a brand new #1 fan in Spindle.

Look out for the shows I was lucky enough to be at coming up over late July early August, catch up on old shows, hear about their gigs and learn a little more about Balcony TV here.