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Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies

Thursday 11 July 2013
Words Spindle

Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies is certainly not the pubescent coming of age tale that you might be imagining—instead, this show is a dazzling, epic sketch comedy in which the titular gents take an array of characters on a thrilling adventure through the inside of Chris’ body.

Peter and Chris have been honing their skills on the Fringe circuit for several years, and their hard work is clearly paying off as this year they deliver a show that simply doesn’t let up. The pair are clearly gifted comedians and the laughs come thick and fast in a show where, looking back, it’s hard to remember that there was just the two of them on stage.

The show boasts a full cast of characters, most notably the villainous dark overlord ruling Chris’ brain and his meek and pandering sidekick, Percy (Peter here with a near-perfect Yorkshire accent – well done lads!). There are epic battles with realistic fight sequences that don’t feel to ‘stage-combaty’ along with Matrix-style slow-mo cut scenes. One moment that stood out for us took place during one such fight scene, set in Chris’ stomach, in which the boys broke from their carefully wrought script to dive into some truly hilarious improv—even taking audience suggestions. The whole thing was capped off with one of the most drawn out, moving and hilarious death scenes we’ve ever seen on stage.

Even the soundtrack was made up of music from some of the biggest epic fantasy hits of recent years, with Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones (complete with expertly timed dance moves) being among them – though we’re sure there were more. Peter and Chris certainly know their audience and the material they’re parodying hits home in the best way. Between the music and a very smart chase scene that pays homage to early action-adventure video games like The Legend of Zelda, the whole show is a bit of a geek’s dream. However this shouldn’t dissuade the non nerd-oriented set from enjoying this show—Peter n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies leaves no comedic stone unturned in its epic quest to entertain.

Words: Thomas Dearnley-Davison and Jes Ellacott.