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Positive Season: Stephanie Coffey ‘Monarch’

Tuesday 02 July 2013
Words Spindle

Positive initially elicits a response of a good-natured disposition and a willingness to find happiness. However, with this shoot we wanted to delve deeper and look at positive as unity and as a divine right.

As with most collaborations, what started as an idea to mix dark and light to create unity and balance turned into something completely different when my team walked through the door.

Some gorgeous head pieces including one that conjured up images of Jesus’ crown of thorns, and a feathered piece that reminded of us of Greco-Roman times gave the theme new life as we attempted to explore the concept Positive through theology and also empowerment. We wanted our model Saira to examine life as a Messiah, a Grecian Princess as well as an apparition separate from a body and free to explore what it truly means to be Positive in spirit.

Positive #1

Positive #2

Positive #3

Positive #4

Positive #5

Positive #6

Photography: Stephanie Coffey
Make up & Hair: Oriana Rossi
Styling: Amanda Lee Shirreffs
Photography Assistant: Miranda Armstrong

Wooden Headpiece: Kat Polatynski
Feather Headpiece: LaKrause
Dress (First Look): Yvonne Lin
Crochet Dress (Second Look); Monica Saraguro
Jewellery: Jenny Bird