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Yumi and the Weather + Shiva Live @ Blind Tiger Club

Monday 15 July 2013

It’s a night of debuts at the Blind Tiger Club tonight, first time performances from Brighton based ‘Yumi and the Weather’ and ‘Shiva’. Both bands are in the process of building hype and expectations for their first releases, most notably the debut single from the headliner ‘Yumi’, named ‘Must I Wait’, has attracted attention for its cinematic thump of a music video.

Illustrations line the walls and accompany trophy deer heads and other strange artifacts in a venue which has very recently been saved from dive-bar status. It’s a busy night and while the crowd stand gathered round the openers ‘Shiva’, the five piece play through an atmospheric surge of alternative rock. The fledgling outfit have an injured sound reminiscent of a post-rehab Thom Yorke, sounding down-tempo and emotive but at the same time showing flares of energetic instrumentation, similar to Canadian art rock band ‘Women’. As the soothing, electronic tones fade out from ‘Shiva’ the room meets a brief silence before the headline act- Becoming notably busier and saturated in summer buy viagra pharmacy induced sweat.

Since the single ‘Must I Wait’ was released, ‘Yumi’ have formed into an exciting local prospect, showing a quality of songwriting often vacant from the heavily copied formula of indie rock. The confidence and intuitive musicianship which oozes from the performance sound light years away from the expected template of a debut. Infectiously catchy songwriting never becomes too much of a sugary pop pill to swallow and is weighted in frantic and animated instrumentation.

Emphasis is often piled on catchy vocal hooks and nostalgic teenage melancholy yet ‘Yumi’ reject everything which would see them get pigeonholed into negative genre categories. The performance draws on a fiercely positive reception from their hometown audience, embracing and transforming stylistic trademarks and sounding refreshingly familiar.

In what was a sold out show, Blind Tiger Club saw two sets of musicians introduce themselves to a city which is much need of their kind of exciting originality.

Find Shiva Here, and the debut video ‘Must I Wait’ from Yumi Here

Words by Charlie Wood