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Preview: On Trend Trucker

Tuesday 05 February 2013

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Some call it ‘trash-chic’ fashion and others label it the tell-tale sign of a chav, you can embrace trucker hats as the quintessential accessory for adding an edge to the latest trends.

Originally the sun-shielding necessity of baseball attire, the original trucker hat sports a stretchy mesh backing and the front stands up straight and stiff. Let’s fast-forward a few years and we’ve got the epitome of must-have statement accessories. They were redesigned into New Era Caps, which became associated with chavs. Now, following a revamp, trucker hats have become the only item you want to adorn your hair with.

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, be it a paisley dress or a grey peplum skirt, the right trucker hat is out there. River Island have stocked up on a fantastic new collection that can be viewed in-store and are easily accessible online. They are perfect at the affordable high-street price, which also allows you to purchase more than one. Match your paisley with the same design hat and Converse, giving that spring dress a spring clean. The same applies to floral patterns which maintain a feminine touch.

This latest addition to your wardrobe can do more than revamp your casual style, so match it to your office wear for a new edgy-sophisticated look. These hats can be seen as having a decadent statement style. It can seem somewhat immoral matching street-casual with the formalities of an office environment but if there’s a will (and a wardrobe bursting full of garments) there’s a way. To create street-chic pair it perfectly with either formal attire or a summer dress. If you want to be daring start with the Grey Felt Smart Trucker Hat from River Island and couple with your best pencil skirt.

The art of this immoral affair is to have the confidence and attitude to carry the hat like it belongs on its graceful and rebellious perch on your head.

Words: Arti Rajput