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Heather’s designer of the week: William Wilde

Tuesday 06 August 2013
Words Lizzie

In a new feature for Spindle, our editor Heather is interviewing the designers she loves and uses a lot on photo shoots. Here she catches up with designer William Wilde.

Tell me about your brand, how long have you been going and how did you get into designing?
I first started sampling for the brand early in 2010 and launched in the October of that year. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I’ve been designing and making clothes all of my life really, I loved drawing women and clothes as a child, then as a teenager, then I studied fashion, then I worked in it, it’s literally all I can do!

What do you have planned for your next collection?
I’m introducing other fabrics as well as latex to the collection again, but am very excited about a few latex show pieces. Also working on new prints and techniques in latex that I haven’t seen done before, which I always find a challenging but essential part of working with latex. There could be a film involved, so the collection will hopefully be larger than life, fantasy, tragedy and comedy that sort of thing…

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What are your aims for the brand?
I just want to be able to continue to do what I love, and to produce work that constantly feels fresh and exciting to me. I’d love one day to be bigger than Dior, but one step at a time for now!

Who’s your target customer?
Joan Collins circa 1989 = Bullseye

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Where are your stockists?

Wolf & Badger, Notting Hill Store (and online).

What musician would you love to see wearing your designs?

Because I’ve been a massive fan since I was born (roughly), I think I’d have to say primarily Madonna, but generally I love women with really strong style that’s believably personal and not just reflective of what’s in fashion, Gwen Stefani, GaGa, people that take risks, Bjork. I’ve been lucky to have dressed Paloma Faith a few times, I think she has a great OTT style, how it should be!

What designer would you most like to collaborate with and why?

I would really love to collaborate with a shoe designer, and I like to work very closely with hair/wig stylists too, these are areas that I am passionate about (and in another life, would have loved to have learnt!). They are vital to my clothing in creating the overall image that I go for, also Jewellery designers, basically, love accessories…!


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Describe your personal style….

Cowboy/Showgirl/Danny Zuko

What’s the last exhibition you went to?

Something about Tudor fashion at Buckingham Palace, I can’t remember what it was called but I really enjoyed it!

What’s your favourite film?

Showgirls/Beyond the Valley of the Dolls/Rocky Horror Picture Show/Slipper and the Rose – Very hard to pick between these…

What’s currently on your ipod?

Literally right now – I love Rock and Roll – Britney Spears

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