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Label of the Day: Fam Irvoll

Friday 16 August 2013

Fam Irvoll has been one of my favourite designers since I went to watch her show a couple of years ago in Oslo. Her bold style and sense of fun always come across in her designs.

Tell Me About Your Brand, How Long Have You Been Going And How Did You Get Into Designing?
When I Was 22 (In 2002) I Was Travelling Around In Asia With My Boyfriend For Months And Months, My Mum Though It Was About Time For Me To Go To Uni- So She Applied For Severeal Different Courses Without Me Knowing. One Of Them Was Fashion Design. I Hadnt Been Inerested In Fashion Before, But I Gave It A Try. The First Year At Esmod I Hated, But When I Came To Second And Third Year I Really Thought That’s This Could Be For Me. Then I Applied For Central Saint Martins In 2005 Cos I Wanted To Learn More And Move Overseas, And Got In.

What Do You Have Planned For Your Next Collection?
A Lot Of Antz, Birds, Flowers And Rats.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 21.29.57

What Are Your Aims For The Brand?
To Be Big In Japan. Haha

Who’s Your Target Customer?
People That Don’t Mind Being A Bit Quirky In The Way They can you buy generic viagra in canada Dress, That Doest Take Themselves Too Seriously. All Ages. The Older The Better.

Where Are Your Stockists?
Doing My Online Shop At The Moment. Will Open Real Soon.

What Musician Would You Love To See Wearing Your Designs?
Prob Britney, Only Because I Think She Is Super Tacky, And It Would Be Nice To See Her In Something Else For A Change. A Part From That, Gwen Stefani, Grace Jones, Courtney Love.

oh Britney.

oh Britney.

What Designer Would You Most Like To Collaborate With And Why?
On This Collection Im Collaborating With Amazing Vin And Omi, They Do A Lot Of Latex Stuff. Love It. I Would Love To Collaborate With Gareth Pugh.

Describe Your Personal Style….
It Used To Be Harajuku-Ish Back In The Days. Now I Almost Just Wear All Black. With Pink, Blue, Green, Purple Hair.

What’s The Last Exhibition You Went To?
Unni Askeland, A Faous Norwegian Opo Art Artist, That Used To Date Bob Dylan I Think.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 21.02.04

What’s Your Favourite Film?

What’s Currently On Your Ipod?
I Just Found My Really Old Iopd From When I Lived In London In 2008- So Im Enjoying Perfect Exceeder At The Moment. Haha Love All The Gold That’s Hidden On That Ipod.