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Charlie Chats: Juliet Oldfield

Thursday 19 September 2013

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In a brand new feature for Spindle, writer Charles Matthews chats celebs, gossip and fashion. Charlie Matthews chats to Bronson and Borrowed Time star Juliet Oldfield about her gritty career moves, working with Tom Hardy, and…fold-out beds and Waitrose. Stay tuned tomorrow for Charlie’s alternative LFW review.

Let’s get to know each other first.

Charlie, 26, originally from Gloucestershire, has a bad taste in curtains, constantly burns pasta and likes to wear skimpy dungarees in straight bars.
Your turn.

Juliet, live in West London, love cats, eating copious amounts of chocolate, accident prone and have a terrible habit of getting sayings all muddled up.


I’m moving into my first ever studio flat in a few weeks. What are Juliet’s top tips for independent living?

Get good at living neatly and enjoy making it your own space. Good luck with the move!

Do you think I should use the fold-out bed that tucks into a cupboard? For some reason I’m freaked out by it…any words of encouragement?

I don’t think I would be keen on the fold out bed option – what if it sprung back whilst you were sleeping? I would suggest a day bed with a pull-out option.

Can you come over once a week to take me around Waitrose?

As much as I would love to, I think I may struggle to commit to this weekly arrangement as my life is never based on a routine, but I wish you the very best with the shopping.

I’m moving to an area that has Pikeys and Nanas in equal measure. I like to think I fit perfectly in the middle. What two extremes do you wedge into?

Hippies and gangsters.

When East London stops being cool, where would you like to be deemed even cooler, and why? What would that area have that East London could never handle?

The New Forest… I can’t image East London will have roaming horses wondering about any time soon, however cool it is.


Can you twerk?

Sadly I am still mastering this and it hasn’t yet made it to my set of skills on my CV.


Where is twerking going to take us as a human race?

Only time will tell…

Do you think the ‘Miley Cyrus thing’ cements what many feel about the industry, how it’s willing to sell the soul of an artist for ten fold exposure of whatever merit?

The industry is a tricky business and I think success should always be measured on talent rather then publicity and exposure. However there isn’t a problem when it comes to standing out if it’s for the right reasons.

Have you ever been offered roles that have raised your eyebrows?

Of course, I always consider any new role before taking it on. Those that have been too risky I weigh up the pros and cons before deciding to take it or normally not. Although I don’t shy away from a challenge.

Don’t you just love the internet? When you put your name followed by ‘R’, it comes up with ‘Rupert Grint dating’. The power of the letter R. But did you know that when you put most actors into google, the first thing that comes up is “…. gay”? But anyway, back to the question, are you a fan of the internet? Very vague question, so go with it where you wish…

The internet is a double edged sword. Amazing platform for such things as small films like Borrowed Time which needs the power of social networking and word of mouth. However it also means that information is permanently there, unlike printed press you can’t ever get away from it!

On the 9th September, you tweeted ‘wish all monday mornings were as good as this one…’ what happened?

I brought my first property! On that ladder.

FILMS! Sorry it’s taken me so long to ask about your roles, I just love getting to know people and finding that spark. We’ve found it.

So would you say Bronson has been your biggest film to date, in terms of the exposure, and working alongside Tom Hardy?

Bronson was an amazing first role on screen and I loved filming alongside Tom Hardy. Although I would actually say Borrowed Time is now my biggest project. I have been involved ever since my first day of filming and feel very proud to be part of it and see it reach the big screen.


I love how Tom has that ‘Lock Stock’ look and vibe, but with the poshest brit brit accent to him. Is he like this in the FLESH!?

Whilst working with Tom he stayed in character a lot and it was only after we finished filming I felt I actually met him! He was a lovely guy to work with.

Bronson says all his life he’s wanted to be famous. Same case for you?

Not at all, I truly am in this industry because I love acting. I couldn’t image doing anything else, having your name out there is part of the job but I don’t do it for the fame.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done, anything Bronson would approve of?

I never kiss and tell!

I wanted to be a postman when I was young, mainly due to Postman Pat. Did any cartoon characters lead you astray when you were young?

Betty Boop!

Top Boy is a gritty show too. What attracts you to these gritty pieces of film, aside from the fact they’re gritty?

The scripts are usually current and hopefully appeal to a wide audience. It has so far allowed me to play a variety of roles and really have fun developing a character. It also seems to be what I get cast in and very rarely get seen for period dramas, although I would love the opportunity to one day do this.

Borrowed Time looks adorable. GRITTY but with real heart and cuteness about it. Tell me a little more about it and your role.

Borrowed Time is a lovely heart warming story about second chances. I play Becky, Kevin’s sister (Theo Barklem-Biggs). Kevin is in a spot of bother and gets in even worse trouble throughout the film when he attempts to burgle Philip (Phil Davis) and gets mixed up with Ninja Nigel (Warren Brown). My character is on hand to encourage Kevin to sort out his mistakes and get him back on track.

Finally, can we be friends on Twitter and go to Waitrose together when I move into my studio flat? Sorry to persist but just checking.

We can most definitely be friends and I would love to come visit your new studio flat if you are cooking something spectacular from Waitrose!

Borrowed Time is out now: www.borrowedtimefilm.com

Photography: Helen Kirkbright
Styling: Rickardo Maxwell
Makeup: Paloma Valente