Position of the Week: The Hill Sprint

This week we show you how to reach that climax in no time at all.

The Hill Sprint
Want a great, high intensity cardio workout that takes minimal time? Then hill sprints are your friend…

1. Ideally, you need a steep hill for these but they can also be performed on the treadmill at a 6-8% incline.
2. Warm up with 5-10 minutes of jogging/light running on flat to low incline.
3. The Hill Sprints: Sprint as hard as you can uphill for 10 seconds. Walk back down the hill, or drop treadmill incline right down and walk for 30 seconds.
4. Start with 3-4 sprints. As you get fitter, gradually increase up to 10-12 sprints.

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Illustration: Youjin Oh