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Position of the Week: The Plank Shuffle

Thursday 15 August 2013
Words Spindle

Fall to the floor for this week’s position.

The Plank Shuffle
A great all-rounder for your upper body and core.

1. Take a medicine ball and kneel on the floor with it in front of you.
2. Place your left hand on top of the ball and your right hand on the floor, taking it slightly wider than shoulder width.
3. Position your upper body above your hands, keeping your right arm straight and your left arm bent with your hand on ball.
4. Straighten your body out into a plank position with your feet shoulder width apart.
5. Keeping your body strong and straight, place your right hand on the ball and your left hand on the floor. Immediately repeat, continually swapping hands.
6. Perform this at moderate, controlled speed for 20 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds then perform again for a total of 3 sets.
7. To make this harder, try doing a push-up on the ball each time you swap hands.

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Illustration: Sarah Ferrari