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Charlie Chats: Creatures of the Night!

Wednesday 25 September 2013
Words Spindle

This Saturday sees Sink The Pink turn five in a sold out XOYO venue. Ahead of the event our Charlie Matthews chats to head show-off Glyn…

How did you and Amy meet? I’m expecting a magical tale on a mountain with a unicorn and packet of strawberry laces.
We met way back in 1965, it feels that long ago. We met at her cousin’s A-Level music video project! He was making a 80s style, camp video; she was the choreographer and I was the dancer. It was love at first sight and I haven’t put her down since. See here for proof.


Did the two of you go to parties and decide you didn’t like the parties?
Yeah, not long after this we both moved to London – we used to go out clubbing LOTS. Most weekends were spent at Popstars and The Ghetto, then we discovered East London and that was that. We just got the tail end of Boombox but went to lots of other parties, most of this time was spent in a disco haze though so if it’s details you want you may have to ask Amy.

If you say the word ‘party’ a lot, don’t you think it starts to sound weird?
It does – maybe we need to coin a new term for it? My friend Jonny Woo likes to call it a happening? Or maybe a bender? That would be the case for people that come to our parties, they never stick to one night!


So, the name Sink The Pink – talk to me.
Well it originates from an old AC/DC song called the same thing. My Dad used to have the track on vinyl. The record cover was a naked woman in a VERY original pose – let’s just say that stuck with me, as an image and as a name. It means to take someone’s virginity. I like to think that for people that come to our night for the first time it’s a similar experience to when you get boshed for the first time. It seems a little strange and exciting at first, after you’re in though it seems like you were always supposed to be there, screaming at the top of your lungs!

How would you sum up Sink The Pink for those who should know – and also if you were being asked by Phillip Schofield on GMTV?
Well, firstly I would ask Phillip how he gets that glorious silver sheen colour in his hair – splendid isn’t it? I would say it’s a glorious Technicolor trip into gay abandon, a hodge podge of glamour and grit, an inclusive all out assault on your disco senses where no-one dies of a G overdose and everyone ends up shitting glitter for days!


Where do your outfit inspirations come from?
I am the worst person to answer this question as I just don’t have the time to put into my outfits as the others. We all get our inspiration purchase viagra from pfizer from the same thing yet all Pinkers have totally unique style. I guess we all have one thing in common: self expression. I would say most recently I am all underworld-trucker-tranny! Loving anything wipe down and sheer!

Is the idea that anyone can dress like a party monster if they want to? Could Jane McDonald?
Uhhhh totally – if you want to dress as a sandwich you should. If you want to dress up you should do it – have fun with it, that’s the key. I mean look at Jane McDonald pre-Loose Women, she was dressing up as a chip shop worker from York done good and she was LOVING it!


What makes Bethnal Green Working Mens Club such a suitable venue for STP?
It is the ONLY venue for us, it’s off the beaten track, there are NO rules, it’s grimy, the staff there are a JOY and it’s bloody naughty!

So Bestival. Ohmygosh. Seems you have taken it over. Talk to me.
Yeah, I am still broken! We were nightly at the Grand Palace and this year it was back to back rammed every night. We then danced with Chic and also were on the main stage before Wu Tang clan. We did a camp keep fit class with the Royal Navy! Camparama!


What does it take to become a member of STP?
Anyone can be, we have collected disco misfits as we have gone, just come to the night, be ridiculous and before long I’ll find you and hook you in!

Would I need a makeover? What wig, outfit and song would you give me?
You will need to make me laugh. Maybe we should start a STP X Factor, the crapper the better? Make an outfit out of blue tack and condoms – that would help – cover your face in sandwich spread and you are IN!


Ultimate STP anthems?
Pointer Sisters – Jump, Sam Fox – Touch me, Destinys Child – Bills Bills Bills, Katie Perry – Firework; just classy songs like that really!

Your thoughts on this whole ‘twerk’ thing?
Well, if we are talking Miley then she can get fucked!! So contrived. Sorry but that tongue, put the damn thing away you douche! Slut dropping though, I am ALL for! One a day makes the virginity go away.

Where do you hope STP will be in years to come? Going all mystic meg on you here…
Oh Jesus, I would like to think we will just keep pushing the ‘bender’ to new heights, I am only just beginning! There are always kids that want to celebrate and explore who they are, as long as they want to do that I will be the sad old poof dressed as a banana giving them a stage!


Words: Charlie Matthews

Creative Direction: GlynFamous
Styling: Heather Falconer
Stylists Assistant: Megan Finola Harman-Potts
Makeup: Anna Inglis Hall
Photography: Peter Fingleton
Models: Amy Zing, GlynFamous, Mikey Woodbridge, Daisy Confused, Joan OH, Poly Ester and Gorgeous George

Clothes Credits:
Bas Kosters
Fam Irvoll
William Wilde