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Position of the Week: The Single Leg Deadlift

Thursday 26 September 2013
Words Spindle

You can do it, put your back into it…

The Single Leg Deadlift
A great do-anywhere move that can be performed with or without resistance.

1. Stand up straight with your feet together.
2. Raise your right leg behind you, lowering your arms and torso as you do so.
3. Keep the left knee slightly bent and lower your arms as close to the floor as possible, whilst keeping your core strong and your back straight.
4. Reverse the movement back to the start position.
5. Perform 8-10 reps on this leg, then swap sides. Complete 3 sets per leg.
6. Start off by using just your bodyweight, then as you get used to the movement, hold a medicine ball, dumbbells or any weighted object to up the intensity.

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Illustration: Joe McLean