Spindle Loves: One by One Store

Our lovely pal Arabella Drummond has been working her butt off personally designing and putting together the soho based fashion store One by One, which incorporates a skate/street fashion and tattoo lifestyle.

Split into two floors, upstairs showcases the high end designs whilst downstairs will have the tattoo studio where there is space for five in-store artists. One by One which features high end pieces from the likes of Katie Eary, Black Scale, Fuct, ADYN, Keith Haring & Body Bound.

After studying fashion at St.Martins. Arabella’s’s main aim was to create a unique approach to fashion in terms of playing and mixing pieces up to create stylish unisex outfits. Later this month you can see limited edition Black Scale x One by One store tee as well as future collaborations with several artists/graffiti artists including Jimmie Martin & James Rawson.


The store opened to the public on Saturday 14th September, so check it out:
One by One Store, 70 Berwick Street, London, W1F 8TA

Photography: Julien Grech and Samuel Bradley