Unravelled Podcast Episode 7: Dick Sibblies P.I.

In episode 7 we’re joined by Adam & Illya Klymkiw, the creative force behind brand new web series Dick Sibblies P.I, as well as the star of the show himself, Rich Sibblies.

Drink along with us – specifically ‘inexpensive Portugese red wine’, for wine aficionados – and settle in to hear the behind the scenes story of this hilarious dullard detective drama.

Is Rich really as stupid as his namesake? Can you solve the Alan Thicke/Robin Thicke conundrum? And just what does Angela Lansbury have to do with all of this?

Find out on Unravelled Episode 7:

Dick Sibblies P.I. is now online! Check out episode one ‘Liars & Cheaters’ below: Keep up with future developments at dicksibblies.com.

“LIARS & CHEATERS” from Klymlove Incorporated on Vimeo.

Hosted by Thomas Dearnley-Davison

Produced by Ben Allan and Jes Ellacott