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Colour is my brand: An Interview with Kitty Joseph

Monday 28 October 2013
Words Lizzie

I first came across Kitty’s work when admiring a ring at an event. Who wouldn’t want to wear a snow globe-inspired glitter ring on their finger?

Kitty_Joseph_Silver-Glitter-Ball-Ring_BENGTfashionAfter searching the internet to get my hands on a glitter ring, I discovered that Kitty has worked with Zandra Rhodes and been commissioned by Lady Gaga. Chatting to Kitty about her collaboration with Absolut Vodka and SS14 collection it became clear just how dedicated and addicted she is to print and colour.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My background is in print design. I studied at Chelsea College of Art and then the Royal College of Art where I specialised in print. I only really got towards developing my print ideas into clothing during my final project at the RCA.  My final project was all about colour and colour immersion and creating a feeling of enclosing the body in colour. Just after I graduated I got called from Kim Howells who got me to do some accessories for Piers Atkinson’s’ show and then I met Ella Dror who told me to start my label. I’d planned to have a bit of a holiday but this happened all in a month of graduating. And I have been doing collections ever since.

Tell us about your collaboration with Absolut vodka. 

Absolut gave me an opportunity to pitch some ideas and they saw the potential with my work with colour. I showed them a film I had worked on with Rohan Wadham which was all about colour and dispersing dyes in water and creating a moody atmosphere.

They had their bottle that was going to launch and I worked from the brief of the bottle. The bottles are beautiful, each one is unique because they drop the blue dye into each individual bottle. It is such a simple idea- it is not over designed, its just about really good colour. The Absolut bottle and that idea of creating something that is unrepeatable really appealed to me and the way I like to work. It was also so nice to be given a colour, because I spend a huge amount of time each season colour testing.

The ‘Cobalt Collection’ is showcased in a short film starring New York based musician Njena Reddd Foxxx who models the three looks – drop, flow and settle. Njena twists, turns and bends to a clip of her track ‘Water Colours’.

Colour is really important to you – do you ever draw inspiration from other designers’ colour palettes or follow colour trends?

Colour is my brand. It is what I do. To be looking at colour trends or what other designers are doing each season doesn’t make any sense. I draw inspiration from paintings, drawings and films or something as random as paint on an old wall or something that is faded. I feel like it is good to be in a little creative bubble.

What are your favourite items from the collaboration with Absolut and your SS14 collection? 

From the Absolut collaboration my favourite look is ‘flow’. I love the way that the stroke is interrupted in the garment but then flows down into the skirt. I also love the glasses- they are really fun.

Njena Reddd Foxxx in Kitty Josephs Absolut Originality Cobalt Collection - Look 3 - Flow (full)


For SS14 it is a jacket called the Toucan cropped jacket. It has these  strips of colour along the bindings and around the collar and it follows a Toucan colour way.


SS14- Lit by a mood of holiday and escape, SS14 transports garments through print to more exotic climes. Print and colour, as in every KJ season, have a transforming, uplifting power, with this season’s signature print ‘a palm tree daydream in masking tape’  exploring through colour ways the changing lights of day with Midday, Afternoon, Dusk, and Night Sky Palms.

130923_KittyJo2685_F1-555x817 130923_KittyJo2668_F1-555x817 130923_KittyJo2624_F1-555x817 

Kitty Joseph:  www.kittyjoseph.com

Twitter: @Kitty_Joseph 

Words: Lizzie Ashby